Back Belt with TENS – EM38


Beurer TENS Belt to Relieve Lower Back Pain EM38 Features

Stimulation Programs:

• Program A: Frequency 4 Hz – 110 Hz (3 phases); 30 minutes

• Program B: Frequency 4 Hz; 25 minutes

• Program C: 2 Hz (burst); 25 minutes

• Program D: Frequency 100 Hz; 25 minutes

The current frequencies of all above programs are suitable for back pain relief.

• For use to treat back pain in the lumbar region

• Flexibly adjustable, with Velcro fastening, incl. extension belt

• For stomach circumferences of 75 to 140 cm

• 4 TENS programs

• Medical product

Unique belt like shape with Velcro fastening enables you to deliver TENS signals precisely to the area in need of pain relief – especially designed for the management of back pain.

For the alleviation of spine pain and muscle tension in lumbar vertebra area.

Flexible, adjustable with velcro and extension strap this spine gridle works on the basis electrical Nerves stimulation (TENS).
The Beurer TENS Belt EM 38 is adjustable with Velcro fastening, which ensures perfect body fit and good contact between electrodes and your skin.

The electrodes are built in and you will never need to replace them. You can moisten your skin with water or use a conductive gel, prior to the treatment.

The TENS Belt EM 38 has 4 preset TENS programs intended to provide relief from back pain.

Each program lasts no more than 30 minutes.

Signal intensity is adjustable and you should set it to a comfortable level according to your personal liking and electrical current tolerance.

You can pause and subsequently resume the treatment, if you want or need to take a break whilst a program is running.
Three Years Warranty

EM 38
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 17 x 27 x 10.5 cm
EM 38