ChargeGenie 200


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 Energenie presents its new ChargeGenie 200. This is a compact, powerful and stylish power bank. The ChargeGenie 200 has a battery capacity of 20,000mAh; more than enough juice to charge your Smart Phone 10 times and enough to charge your Netbook. Its light and compact design means that it fits comfortably into your laptop bag when you’re on the go. The ChargeGenie 200 should mean you are never left without battery on the go again! The added advantage that the ChargeGenie has is that it can charge two devices simultaneously, so charge your phone and your laptop at the same time.

The ChargeGenie 200 has a range of different voltage charging modes. This enables it to charge most portable devices, including: Mobile Phones, Cameras, Sat Navs, Portable Games Consoles, Tablets and Netbooks. The ChargeGenie 200 comes with 6 connectors for small portable devices as well as being able to work with any USB cable that comes with your Mobile Phone or portable device, including all your Apple products. The ChargeGenie also comes with 15 different Laptop connectors allowing you to hook up to your Laptop and continue working.

DC Input: Jack socket for charging internal battery at 16-19V, 1.5A max. Solarcharging optional extra

DC Output1: Jack socket for charging other devices other than 5V

Variable output selection: 8.4V 3Amax., 9.5V 3A max., 12V 3A max., 16V 2.5A max., 19V 2.5A max., 19V 4.8A max., 24V 1.5A max.

USB Output2: USB connector for charging devices at 5V 0.7A and 5V 2.0A

LCD Display: Backlit display panel showing the current mode and status with user-friendly icons and text

Button: One-touch button labelled ON/OFF to select voltage, start charging and battery check using short and long presses

Battery: High density Lithium Polymer with capacity:


-Self-discharge during sleep mode: <250µA

-Self-discharge after battery protection activated: <35µA

Weight and Size: Model ENER107: 635g, 185 x 128 x 28mm

Protection: Over-discharge protection

        Over-charge protection

        Short-circuit protection

        Overloaded output

        Output voltage is 5V 0.7A whenever the charger is switched on

Mains charger: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A

   Adapters: UK, US, AUS, EU

ChargeGenie 200
Weight 1.436 kg
Dimensions 25 x 16 x 11 cm
ChargeGenie 200