Cosy Electric Foot Warmer FW20


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There are many reasons for suffering from cold feet. Exposure to low temperature is probably the most obvious cause of cold feet. Warm and healthy feet are essential to overall wellbeing. Using the FW20 Cosy Foot Warmer you need never suffer from cold feet again!

If you persistently experience cold feet, it is prudent to seek advice from your healthcare professional to exclude or address any underlying conditions that may require medical treatment.

However, the majority of people who experience cold feet will benefit from warmth generated by simple warming devices, such as hot water bottles, heat pads or bed warmers.

The Beurer FW20 foot warmer is easy to use. Simply plug into the mains, switch on and allow to warm up for few minutes. Then place your feet inside the warmer to enjoy healing and soothing warmth.

The FW20 foot warmer is an Ideal, economical, safe way to provide warmth for anyone who sits at a desk, or on the couch watching TV.

The foot warmer heats up most quickly when you initially set the highest temperature level  (Level 3). It can be tuned down again as required. The foot warmer can also be used while switched off, because its ‘teddy-bear’ plush will warm the user’s feet even if there is no electrical outlet nearby.

We recommend switching on the foot warmer approximately 15 minutes before use to achieve an optimum effect.

Technical Specifications:

Washable, removable teddy lining

BSS® overheating protection

Precise temperature regulation

Illuminated switching positions

3 temperature settings

  1. 1.25 – 40 deg. C

  2. 2.40 – 45 deg. C

  3. 3.45 – 50 deg C.

Approx. 32 x 26 x 26cm

Turbo rapid heat up

Auto switch-off after 90mins

3 Year Warranty             FW20manual

Weight .460 kg
Dimensions 29 x 27 x 14 cm