Electronic Activity Sensor AS50


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Electronic activity sensor
5-level sensitivity setting
Memory and activity function to monitor your movements every day
14 days memory
3 level user reward system (results with smiles)
Time of activity
Number of steps
Calorie consumption + fat burn
24 hour clock function
Can be worn on a belt, wrist or placed in a pocket
EasyFit software with USB cable for PC downloads
Battery powered with 3 V lithium battery
Watertight to 10 m (spray protected)
Holds Plus X Award for the ‘Best Activity Sensor of the Year 2010’
Distinguished with Plus X Award in Design & Ease of use
3 Year Warranty

The Beurer AS50 Activity Sensor helps you keep a watchful eye on your activity levels, keeping you healthier, leaner and happier for life!

Maintaining appropriate levels of activity each day plays an important role in general health and wellbeing. Exercise is a pre-requisite of healthy lifestyle. Physical activities keep you fit and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Activity Sensor AS 50 tracks your personal physical activities and stores your daily totals in the 14 days memory. It enables you to check your daily levels of physical activities and calculates your calorie consumption, making it possible for you to assess your daily exercise amount objectively and honestly, thus motivating you to make lifestyle adjustments essential for continuing good health or greatly improved health. Exercise reduces your risk of cardiovascular problems and gives you a feeling of wellbeing. Experts advise 7000 – 10000 steps or 30 minutes of exercise to be taken per day.

EasyFit Software functions:
1. Calendar functions
2. Transfer of the training recordings
3. Weekly workout planning for achieving the desired weight
4. Various analyses and graphics for observing the training progress

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Dimensions 18 x 15.5 x 7 cm