Fully Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BD8000


Monitoring your blood pressure using the Bremed BD 8000 Upper arm BP monitor is very useful and convenient, as this BP monitor provides accurate and reliable readings within the comfort of your home. This BP monitor is featured with an Irregular Heartbeat Indicator, which automatically detects abnormal heartbeats and alerts you by flashing a heart symbol on the display screen. The automatic upper arm BP monitor also comes with a low battery indicator apprising you when the battery is low.

With the switching 4 color LED indicator in the Bremed BD 8000 BP monitor, different colors such as green, blue, purple and red indicate your blood pressure status according to the WHO hypertension guidelines. The Green is indicative of normal pressure, the blue indicates pre-hypertension while the purple alerts you of hypertension in the first stage. Lastly, the red indicates you have hypertension that needs medical attention. This function allows you to get a clear understanding of your blood pressure status.


The Bremed BD 8000 BP monitor is ergonomically designed to provide you a comfortable and easy measuring process. This Bremed automatic BP monitor incorporates two components comprising of the main unit and a non-integrated arm cuff. The main unit is equipped with a large easy-to-read LCD screen that displays both systolic/diastolic pressure readings and pulse rates simultaneously. In addition to this, the main unit also houses one touch operation buttons that makes it easy and simple to use the monitor.

This automatic upper arm Bremed BP monitor provides an easy-to-attach cuff that is capable of naturally conforming to the contours of your arms. This cuff automatically inflates to an ideal level delivering a comfortable measurement operation. All you need to do is, attach the cuff to our arms and press the control buttons to start your measuring process.

Performance and Features

The Bremed BD 8000 BP Monitor employs the Oscillometric method to determine your blood pressure readings. Built to provide high performance resulting in reliable and genuine results, this digital BP monitor features an advanced Fuzzy Logic technology. The Fuzzy logic technology automatically detects the approximate systolic value by which the BP monitor inflates to an optimal level leading to automatic inflation and deflation.

Facilitated with a memory feature that accommodates 4 users to save 99 sets of readings each, this BP monitor is capable of storing a total of 396 readings updated with date and time. With this function you can track your BP readings over a period of time.

Furthermore, the BD 8000 Bremed BP monitor also features a 5 mode average function that automatically calculates the average of your BP readings for consistent reading values. The BP monitor is capable of taking the average of your BP readings in 5 modes, on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and an overall basis. This BP monitor is also vested with an automatic power off system that automatically shuts down the device when not in use.

The Bremed BD 8000 is capable of displaying readings ranging from 0-280 mmHg for pressure and 40-195 beats/min for pulse rates. The accuracy of this BP monitor is calibrated at +/-3 mmHg for pressure readings and +/-5 % of reading for pulse progress. This Bremed BD 8000 operates on 4 AA batteries. You also have the option of using electricity as an alternate power source. ( Adaptor to be bought separately).

Technical Specifications:

Instant measurement

Super large LCD display, size: 6cm x 7cm

4 – person use / 99 readings each

Irregular heartbeat indicator

5 – average mode values: hour, day, week, month and overall

4 – WHO hypertension classification with switching LED indicator

Automatic power off system

Low battery indicator

4 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries included

Optional Accessories :

PC – link software with CD-R and USB connector

AC adaptor

Italian design, Italian engineering, Italian quality

Manual for BD8000