Non-Contact Clinical InfraRed Thermometer FT90


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The Clinical Infrared Non Contact Thermometer by Beurer is a ‘3 in 1’ thermometer that measures body temperature, ambient room temperature and object surface temperature.

Beurer FT 90 Clinical Non Contact Thermometer measures body temperature from a distance without contact with the skin. Infrared non contact measurements are hygienic, safe and convenient. It is even easy to take body temperature of sleeping persons without waking them up or worrying them unduly.

The non contact thermometers are particularly useful to measure body temperature in babies and small children without frightening or disturbing them. The versatility and usefulness of the non contact thermometers becomes apparent, when considering that the same thermometer can also be used to check the room temperature and the temperatures of objects, such as milk bottles or towels or other care related equipment.


Measurement of body, ambient and surface temperature

Measures without skin contact hygienic and safe

Particularly suitable for taking the temperature of babies and small children

Fever alarm

Sound control (On/Off)

60 memory spaces

Signal sounds at the end of measurement

Medical product

Large easy-to-read display

3 Year Warranty            FT90manual

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Dimensions 22 x 11 x 7 cm