Pureo Sonic Ultrasound Facial Activation Cream FC80C

$50.00 $35.00

Specially designed for use with the FC80 Ultrasound device

Water based cream – 70% Water Content

Optimizes the effectiveness of ultrasound

Used in professional cosmetic institutes

30ml bottle

Ultrasound technology has been used for years, not only in the cosmetic field, but also for domestic use. Included are devices such as the Pureo Sonic FC80 ultrasound device from Beurer. It instantly produces oscillations at exactly the right frequency. In order to prevent these oscillations from dissipating into the air, a binding agent in the form of a cream is needed. Beurer’s ultrasonic activation cream is applied to the skin. This then boosts the effect of the treatment from the probe. This special cream is supplied with the Pureo Sonic FC80 ultrasound device (availablehere) or alternatively it can be purchased separately.

Weight .088 kg
Dimensions 4 x 13 x 4 cm