Replacement UV Tube for MPE38

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UV gels are available in all different colours and with glitter or a metallic look. For creative nail art design they are a real treasure. But once applied, it needs a special device to harden these coatings quickly and evenly. For this purpose, Beurer have introduced the UV nail dryer MPE38.

You can use the timer function, which is set to 120 seconds, or adjust the operating time if you want to use the dryer for a longer period of time. The reliable and uniform hardening of the gel is achieved by the mirror-coated interior of the nail dryer while the 4 powerful UV light tubes take care of the drying.

Size: 220 x 210 x 11mm

Weight: 1.6Kg

Technical Specifications:

For artificial nail modelling

For fingernails and toenails

For hardening UV gels

Timer function (120secs)

Continuous operation

Removable base plate for easy cleaning

Mirrored interior for reliable and even drying of gels

Resistant easy-care surface

Includes 4x UV-9W-L tubes. 365nm, 9Watt

Mains powered. (230V – 50Hz)  36W

3 Year Warranty                  MPE38manual

Warnings & Precautions

  1. Before using this device, familiarise yourself with the content of user manual, including all safety notes, warnings and precautions

  2. Keep user manual for future reference

  3. Do not use this device if you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, suffer from unusual discolouration of the skin, take medicines with increase sensitivity to light or suffer from an illness that increases sensitivity to light

  4. Do not use during pregnancy

  5. Do not look directly at UV light

  6. Keep away from children – not for use on/by children!

  7. If you are aware of any allergy to UV radiation, consult your doctor before using this device

  8. Keep sensitive areas of skin, such as scars and tattoos away from UV radiation

  9. Overexposure to UV radiation may cause sunburn to the skin. Too frequent exposure to UV radiation may lead to skin changes and increases the risk of skin cancer

  10. To protect your skin and to minimise damaging effects of UV radiation on your skin, consider wearing protective cream (sunscreen) on your hands and/or feet.  Apply UV protection cream thoroughly to your hands and feet, including fingers and toes BEFORE having a gel manicure and/or a gel pedicure

MPE38 UV tube