Rotatable Ultrasonic Humidifier BD7660


How the BD7660 Works

A membrane, vibrated by ultrasound, moves the water and releases tiny water droplets from the surface. The fan draws in air at the bottom of the device. The air is humidified with the released water droplets and blown gently upwards towards the opening.

Technical details:

Rotatable Ultrasonic Humidifier

360ºC rotatable jet for an optimal distribution of the steam

Removable water tank for easy filling and carrying

Automatically shut off when water tank is empty

Low power consumption only 38W

Water capacity 3.5L

Water working time 9-11Hours

Sound level < 32dB

Humidifying capacity: Up to 500 sq.ft / 46m²

Evaporating Rate 380mL/H

AC 220 ~ 240V 50Hz

Italian design, Italian engineering, Italian quality

2 Year Warranty

BD7660 Manual