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Davita Sun Burn Device

Enjoy staying in the sun with the SunCounter®.

The positive effect of the sun for body and soul is know for a long time.

However, the sun also exposes an invisible ultraviolet (UV) light. This powerful UV-light can damage the first skin layer and lead to a sun burn if the staying in the sun is too long.

A painful redness can appear, bladders can come out and an ablation of the first skin layer.

The real danger of sun burn is an accelerated skin aging and the increases risk to get a skin cancer.

Here the UV-meter SunCounter® with sunburn alarm function can help to avoid sun burn easily and safety. The risk for skin aging and skin cancer can be considerable decreased.

Product specification

The SunCounter® is small, handy, easy to handle and can be used everywhere

With the high quality UV-sensor the dangerous UV-part of the light (280 – 400 nm) can be exactly determined.

The unit determines the UV-index (index for the intensity of the sun burn effective UV-irradiation) and the ambient temperature.

After entering the Sun-Protection-Factor (SPF) of the used sunscreen and the skin type the unit calculates the time for a safe sunbathe and shows this in hours/minutes and % at the integrated display.

When the UV-irradiation dose is reached, an alarm signal appears. Then it is recommended to leave the sun to avoid sun burn and further damages of the skin.

If the UV-irradiation changes, for example clouds appear or if one moves into the shadow, the “Meas. Adj.” button at the unit has to be pressed for a short time again.

Then the Suncounter determines again the new actual UV-index and implicates this variation in the calculation of the allowed time for sunbathe.
This way an outdoor stay without sun burns can be reached.

Scope of delivery:

UV-meter unit with integrated UV-sensor and display

Integrated belt clip, neck belt

Detailed user manual

3 volt battery (CR2016)


One year warranty

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 32 x 14 x 59 cm