VITAclock® Premium

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Functions of VITAclock® Premium

  • Light alarm clock with wake-up and doze off function

Dawn simulation supports a comfortable and pleasant wake-up. Dusk simulation supports to fall asleep.

  • Radio clock, nature sounds or audio signals for a wake-up in a good spirit

Three very pleasant nature sounds, radio or audio signals from other devices can lead to a refreshing wake-up, relaxing sleep and more well-being. Let you wake-up the way you choose with buzzer, light, radio, nature sound, vibration, light and buzzer, light and radio, light and nature sound, light and vibration.

  • Reading lamp with bright and comfortable light for a reading without tiredness

The LED light is very bright and can easily be adjusted to the individual reading position. The illumination can be variated individually. The light is very comfortable, flicker free and doesn’t lead to a tiredness of the eyes even after reading for several hours.

  • Daylight lamp with high illumination for more energy and well-being

Directly after wake-up the bright light can be received via the eyes. Therefore the flexible arm of the unit can be placed in that kind, that the bright light directly falls into the eyes.

The UV-free LED-light has a high illumination. Daily used the wellbeing and the performance can be improved within a few days. The light is harmless for skin and eyes.

Features of VITAclock® Premium

  • High quality with a modern design
  • Clear display with dimmable background lighting, switchable to green or orange
  • Self-explanatory pictograms for all function settings
  • Versatility combined visual and acoustical wake-up programs
  • Dawn-/Dust simulation, snooze function, test program and high quality AM/FM radio
  • Adjustable light intensity of wake-up light and reading light
  • Variable, selectable dimming time or wake-up and doze off function (10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes).
  • 60 powerful, long-life, energy-saving super bright LEDs
  • Reliable wake-up with vibration alarm, also well-suited for people with hearing difficulties
  • Occupancy simulator for protection against burglars
  • Audio input for playback or audio signals, i.e. MP3 players and other radio sources
  • Battery buffering saves settings in case of power failure (battery not included)
  • Can be used everywhere with 110-240 V~ mains adaptor with NZ standard plug


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