Warm Wax Hair Remover HLE40

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The HLE40 Warm Wax Hair Remover is designed to heat wax to the perfect temperature and apply it thinly to the skin for a safe and effective waxing experience.

The wax is made of natural beeswax, which is often used in skincare products as it helps to lock in moisture.  It also creates a layer to protect the skin from the elements, and is anti-inflammatory which is incredibly important when waxing.

With a base unit that can heat two wax cartridges at once to prevent waiting time, the HLE40 is incredibly convenient and easy to use. Simply plug it in with the removable applicator and spare cartridge in place. The indicator light will flash as the wax heats up then remain on when it reaches the correct heat.

Each cartridge contains 50mls of wax which is enough for two half-legs. With a little practice you’ll soon perfect the fine art of waxing and you’ll find you won’t use as much wax. Included with this unit are 2 cartridges and 50 fabric strips. When you run out you can buy your replacements from Beurerproducts.


For thorough and long-lasting hair removal

Salon-quality hair removal

Effective and easy to use

Smooth and stubble-free skin for weeks

Moisturises the skin

Supplied with two wax cartridges and 50 strips

Both wax cartridges can be heated at the same time thanks to the two separate heating chambers

Fill level display for more comfort

Quick-charge function

Heat station

3 Year Warranty            HLE40manual

Weight 1.098 kg
Dimensions 23 x 23 x 10.5 cm